Thursday, August 16, 2007

$.25 Dream Machine - Felt Gumball Machine

I finally finished this today. I had the most trouble attatching the top to the stand. I keep forgetting tension doesn't work with plush items. I'll learn one of these days. Finally, with a bit of struggling, it balances and stays put.

I tried to include some small "toys" that reprersent "The American Dream" or something like it (house, car, vacation) and fantasy (unicorn). What could be better than putting a quarter in a machine and having one of your dreams come true? If it only things were that simple...

It is life size, but no, it does not function as a normal gumball machine. I'm not that ambitious YET.

I can't wait to figure out what's next!


LemonCadet said...

Wow! It looks great. Congratulations.

lori said...

Goodness! That really is incredible. I want a unicorn for a quarter.

Bruce_Banter said...

it looks awesome

fuzfrenzy said...

You've been tagged!

Have fun!