Monday, December 28, 2009

Monster Journeys!

As 2009 winds down, I have been enjoying a bit of rest and relaxation and spending some much needed time with distant friends, friends I've lost touch with, and of course, family. The holiday season always goes by so quickly, making it even more important to try to enjoy every last bit of it. I made a decision last year that I would only ever give handmade gifts for the holidays, not necessarily handmade by me, but handmade by someone, somewhere, like me. There's something so incredibly fulfilling about picking out thoughtful, one-of-kind gifts for the people who are dearest to me. Knowing that I am supporting the handmade movement and an artist and entrepreneur like myself, is more than half the joy. I was able to convince my family to do the same this year making our Christmas morning just a little more fulfilling. I felt, for the first time, like we weren't just giving each other "things" but we were giving one another little works of art that were painstakingly created by someone with an obvious passion for the craft. Also, in doing so, we were supporting the handmade movement and artists who simply love what they do and work hard for what they believe in. It was a warming experience to say the least and I hope it's a tradition that we will continue for year's to come.

With all of that being said, I wanted to send out a huge thank you to all of my wonderfully amazing customers that I have met in the past year both online and traveling here and there. I had the opportunity to travel to cities (and states!) that I had never been to and each one was more welcoming than the next. Not to mention all of the places that my monsters have traveled to without me this year! Some places that I am nearly certain I will never get to travel to myself but I believe they have been welcomed with open arms and made to feel right at home no matter where they are. I feel truly grateful to have met so many amazing people throughout my journeys, both artists and non-artists alike. It's because of the support and encouragement from everyone that I have met that keeps the monsters and I pushing on. So, thank you, again.

As I hunker down for a long winter in the studio, I am hoping to make more frequent posts as I gear up for my many plans for next year. In the mean time, I've mapped out where my monsters have journeyed to just based on online sales. There are hundreds (dare I say thousands???) of other monster homes out there that will probably always remain a mystery to me and I think I'm o.k. with that. :)

Bring on 2010!!!