Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lemon Grass Philadelphia, PA

Today we did a test run to the University City area taking the PATCO to the Market-Frankford Line. An easy commute, though mildly confusing with the construction at the 8th and Market Station. We got out at the 40th and Market station and walked a few blocks down to 37th and over to Lancaster where Lemon Grass is. A small little place with about 25 tables(?) and traditional decor of Thailand. With only 2 waitresses, one cook, and one dishwasher (yes, we counted) and a FULL restaurant it was by far one of the best dining experiences I have had. The waitresses were amazing, doing everything from taking orders, filling water glasses, clearing plates, etc, all in a fantastically timely manner. I got Lemongrass soup which was absolutely delicious...sweet, sour, and a little spicy! I also got Veggies Mussaman which consisted of various vegetables and potatoes in a delicious curry peanut coconut sauce. And then, of course, for dessert we got Mango Sticky Rice. Absolutely amazing, a great combination of warm/cold, sticky/smooth, and delicious/irresistible! I was impresses with the service, the great atmosphere, and the nearly flawless tastes. Next time I have something to celebrate, I would like to return and get the Apple Cider Wine and enjoy something completely different though probably just as good. Mmm!

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