Monday, June 21, 2010

The Monsters first trip to New England

It's not every day, or every weekend, that I am able to look behind my booth at a show and say "I want to lay in the grass" and not only do it, but have someone there to tell me to "just do it". But that's exactly what I did this weekend in Providence. Not for long, but for long enough to breathe... finally. It has been a very busy few weeks of what has felt like non-stop making and traveling. Laying in the grass with the cool New England breeze, even for a moment, was just what I needed. And not only that, but when I asked my traveling mate (for the second weekend in a row), Alvaro, to hand me a monster... the split second of joy of just lying there with my own creation held tightly in my arms was a moment that will last me a long time.

This past weekend John (Fuzzy Ink) and Alvaro picked me up in the new Fuzzy Ink van and we all drove up together to Providence and Boston for their weekly open markets and I can only speak for myself but I do know that traveling with fellow vendors makes long trips even more worthwhile. It was the very first time the monsters had ever been to New England and I think they really enjoyed themselves!

Fuzzy Ink and Cutesy but not Cutesy within harassing distance of one another, yet again...

I also had the opportunity of meeting yet another Plushteam member, Anne-Claire Regan aka Hiboucards who lives in Boston with her adorable family. Once again, always amazing to finally meet a Plushteam member in person!

It was a fun time in a new place and the Providence and Boston energy is great! We'll be back, I'm sure!

Thanks Providence and Boston!

(Photos courtesy of: Alvaro Arteaga.)

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