Friday, October 9, 2009

Crafty Bastards Round-Up

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to participate in Washington D.C.'s largest indie craft festival, Crafty Bastards. It was truly an amazing event and I am in awe of how well organized and incredibly well attended it was. The weather was beautiful, though there were threats of rain earlier in the week... I think we all did our best no-rain dances to fight it off together. I met a lot of really wonderful people and saw a lot of fellow craft friends that I always enjoy seeing at these events.

I made some great purchases myself. I bought an adorable ring from Figs and Ginger whose work I always love to peek at. I also took home another creature from fellow Push Team member Phil Barbato... Thorgrimm the Defeated. And my mom brought me a sweet little surprise from Lumpkin.

And now for some pictures!

I made a giant monster to hang from the top of my tent beckoning monster lovers to come in my direction...

I promptly sold said monster 3 hours into the show... but the monster lovers seemed to not need any beckoning...

There were a lot of awesome people wandering around!

A better view of my collaborative prints with my sister Robin Koss of Wind Up Bird Studios.

A monster lover caught in the act of making an adoption!

A close up of some of the handsome fellas...

The last four photos courtesy of Dots, Lines, and Polygons.

Thank you, Crafty Bastards!

Bring on the holidays!

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susarto said...

looks great!!! i was gonna say i was glad to see you found a way to hang the big fella up there...but then you had to take him down again! lol! congrats! well done!!! i guess you just have to make another biggun :D