Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cutesy but not Cutesy featured on Coolmompicks

Cutesy but not Cutesy had the wonderful surprise of being featured on coolmompicks.com, a blog featuring various small business owners, designers, and woman-made wonders for moms of all kinds! You can view the blog feature here... Ugli-er Dolls... and check out the rest of the blog here... coolmompicks.

Cutesy but not Cutesy was also featured on today's Daily Dish from Seekingdesigners.com which you can check out here... Timmy the World's Smallest Circus Monkey

In other news, I am hard at work designing my own web page which will hopefully launch just in time (hopefully!) for the holidays. I am also gearing up for various craft shows throughout the Philadelphia area. I will post an official event list here once all the details are worked out for those of you who might be interested in seeing some of the creations in person.

I have also started making the infamous laptop cozies again. It seems to be around this time, with school just around the corner, that people really go searching for a good protective covering for their precious laptops! The cozies this fall have a slightly different style than they did last fall which I am very excited about. I am also working on various drawings, paintings, booklets, etc which will reveal themselves in the next few weeks hopefully! Busy, busy, busy!

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